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Dear Daryoosh…

Happy belated 15 months.  Could you please stop hopping curves? I miss your chubbiness, but I guess you are your brother’s brother after all.

I’m just destined to have small children.  Just please don’t fall off the charts like your brother did, K?


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Grandparents have all the fun!

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How to eat mashed potatoes

First, dip fingers into bowl.

Next, insert fingers into mouth.

To speed things up, stick entire face into bowl.

Finally, smile when your parents realize that a bath BEFORE dinner may not have been the best idea.

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Tuesday was one of possibly two or three occasions we may have this season for the kids to pose with Santa.  I’ve never pushed Santa or the Easter Bunny with Yago.  He’s not a big fan of either.  He’s never had a problem with the giant rat named Chuck, though…go figure.

We were at the mall and had some time to kill so we stood in the very short line for Santa.  The entire time, Yago was declaring that he was not going to see Santa, only Daryoosh.  Only Daryoosh.  Like a broken record.

When it was our turn, I handed Daryoosh over to Santa and here’s the result:

Thanks to this low-res scanned copy, you can’t tell that this Santa sitting was a ‘since we’re already here,’ walk-by decision by the food stains on Daryoosh’s shirt.

Oh, and yes, I was slightly disappointed that I won’t be able to share any photos of my hysterically crying afraid-of-Santa baby on this website.

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Happy Birthday Daryoosh!

On Daryoosh’s first birthday, he had his first experience with the giant rat, Chuck E.  I, the one with a camera that seems to be surgically attached to my hand, ended up there without one. (Well, I had a camera, but lacked an SD card) boo.  The iPhone pictures and the silly fading photos from the chuck e. photo ride will have to do.

Yago loved singing happy birthday to Daryoosh! We all did!

Here’s a movie I edited of the boys having some fun together!

Birthday movie!



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Halloween fun

Time to finally clear the decorations!

Here are some pictures from  Yago’s first trick-or-treat adventure!  Daryoosh was just along for the ride this year, in his old-school Star Trek outfit.  Yago sported his devilish costume from last year (that finally fit him perfectly this year!) My costume was a bit stretched out considering Daryoosh was also under there last year, but it worked!




a devilish pair (the candied apple must not have fallen far from the tree...)




Be thankful that I spared all of you the picture of the grown man dressed as the tooth fairy (pliers and all) giving out candy.  There are trick-or-treaters all over town still having nightmares about him, I’m sure (or maybe just the parents of the trick-or-treaters? ACK!)


Yago had a GREAT Halloween!  I truly love this age.  On Sunday morning after Halloween, Yago asked for candy for breakfast.  I insisted he have a real breakfast first.  He finished his breakfast and I let him have a roll of smarties-looking sweet tarts candy.  In my mind I was trying to find a reasonable (to a three-year-old!) way of avoiding candy with every meal after giving in to the post hallween post breakfast request.  To my surprise, never asked for another piece of candy!  In fact, it is all sitting on a shelf in our pantry (all=everything left that I haven’t eaten yet). I can’t wait until next year!!


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11 months

Better late than never!

11 month pics and Halloween preview!


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