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“But I’m cute…”

Yago’s teacher gave me a good laugh this morning as she told me a story about Yago on the playground yesterday. Yago had to sit out for a short while at recess because he did not listen his teacher.  She asked him twice not to go out of the playground area (there was a very inviting pile of snow) and twice he did not listen and proceeded to go anyway. She said his response to the “time out” was something to effect of, “…but I’m cute…”

Good luck with that son. Let me know how that works for you!

It makes me happy that he’s starting to defy his teachers too.  It truly means that he feels completely comfortable with them.  (That doesn’t mean that I condone the defiance, it’s just good to hear that he feels “at home”.)

I’m still chuckling about this.  A good way to start my morning!

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Thanks to getting two boys to bed early (and not falling asleep the whole night with one of them) I had a chance to play around with some my pictures in Photoshop.  Makes me want to shoot in raw and spend hours in front of the computer to “fix” my photos.

Here are some edited photos from Yago’s fun in the snow!

Yago was back to school today, and do you know how I just know that he had a great day?

a) sleepy eyes from recently waking up from his nap

b) different pants on after playing outside in what was left of the snow

Now I wish I had pictures from today’s fun.  Maybe one of the teachers took pictures…

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Snowpocalypse 2010

Fun in the snow ice!

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He’s just so squeezable.  And after spending today together at home, I definitely got in my share of squeezes.

(Thanks to Kyra Richter for the photo!)

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Grandparents have all the fun!

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The day my baby became a boy

January 11, 2010 will forever be remembered.  This is the day that Yago told his first (of MANY MANY to come I’m sure) poop joke.  Yes, you read correctly.  I thought I had at least another year or two, but apparently I was wrong.

It went a little something like this:

Mom: Yago, what do you say? (I was trying to remind Yago to say “thank you”)

Yago: Thank POOP!  (followed by cracking up with uncontrollable laughter)

There you have it folks!  And he’ll be here all week!

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