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Outta here…

I’ll still make changes to the look at the new site, but I’m officially leaving this site to go to notodoyago!

Please follow me over there as I learn my way around the world of self hosting.

Happy Blogging everyone!


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Project 365

I have a new project…bear with me as I try to catch up my photography skills to the camera I use…

My project 365


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Bird’s eye view…

Or really just bird view…

Saw this hawk creature today in my parents’ driveway and had to stop for a picture:


and a little closer:



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Convenient inconvenience

You know how sometimes something really inconvenient happens but good comes out of it?  Something that would never have occurred (or not for a while, at least) had you not been inconvenienced in the first place?

This morning was one of those mornings.  At 5:44 a woman called looking for a local medical center.  We used to get these phone calls in the wee hours of the night more often, but it hadn’t happened for a few years.  You see, our home phone number has a difference of ONE number with the hospital’s general information/patient information line.  It appears that there may be a 411 service that is giving out incorrect information.

The phone rang. I was sandwiched between two sleeping boys (but that’s the topic for another post at another time) For some reason the handset for the bedroom was not actually in the bedroom.  Santi didn’t make it to a phone in time and the call went to voicemail.  It went to a voicemail that was OBVIOUSLY NOT a medical center.  Despite this, the phone rang again.  Santi was up this time and answered before voicemail picked up.  “No, this is not X medical center.”  Then we heard it.  The sound we hadn’t heard in almost a week!  It was Santi’s alarm going off at 5:50.  You see, a week ago Yago had been playing with Santi’s iPhone and we hadn’t been able to locate it.  We also hadn’t really searched for it yet  (Santi has since moved on to a Google phone, but still uses the iPhone as his morning alarm).

Thanks to this woman dialing the wrong the number, we were able to hear the phone that was in a kitchen cabinet making friends with pot lids.  Somehow it still had enough charge!

Unfortunately, the woman called THREE more times after that (I mean, seriously?) still looking for the medical center. As if the next time she would dial it would magically send her there.  Santi talked to her twice and I talked to her twice.

Santi is still waiting for Howie to ring our doorbell.


Ésta mañana a las 5:44 llamaron al teléfono buscando un hospital.  Nuestro número de teléfono tiene solamente un número de diferencia con él del hospital.  Por un lado fue muy inconveniente pero por otro lado, gracias a esa mujer, encontramos al iPhone de Yago padre.  Yago hijo estaba jungando con el iPhone hace unos días y aún no lo habíamos encontrado. (en realidad, tampoco habíamos buscado)

Desafortunadamente, la mujer volvió a llamar 4 veces más…no estoy segura qué esperaba…¿que a la quinta vez iba a tener otro resultado?

Yago padre sigue esperando a una llamada de un programa de camara oculta.

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spring is on its way…

Seeing is believing.


OHB in Brentwood

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I’m feeling pretty uninspired today. The most exciting thing I did was create a pivot table.  I didn’t get to make play-doh sculptures or read books or play with magnetic letters. That’s ok.  I have to admit it was a pretty nice pivot table.

Oh–and we closed today on our refi.  Yay!  Now I can start a 529 for Daryoosh too.

I think I’ll go read a bit.  That might help get me out of the blahs.

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2 years and 1 day old!

Yago woke up at 3:30 this morning.  Of course had fallen asleep in the car at 6pm on the way home from Grandma’s so I was not really surprised.  However–just for you Brigid!–I did give him the fish eye when asked me for “Elmo” at 3:30 in the morning.

He stayed in our bed watching sesame street while Santi and I went back to sleep.  By 5 am Yago fell back asleep (after drinking a sippy cup of milk since he had skipped dinner).  He stayed asleep until about 6:50.  Thanks for going back to sleep kiddo!

Today Yago also got to go to the doctor for his 2-year check-up.  Woohoo!  He had a great visit.  He was constantly saying FISH, FISH, FISH (there are a couple of aquariums at the doc’s office).  He also showed off some of his alphabet skills for his doctor.  He was a very good boy and in a great mood the whole time.  He got a clean bill of health.  He is back on the 3% curve in weight.  (woohoo!  Last couple of visits he was below the curve) As for his height, he jumped a couple of lines and is at 50%.  WOW!  That shocked me a bit since he was between 15 and 25% at 18 months.

No shots today, and no more doctor visits until he’s 3!  Of course, since he’s starting school next week, I’m sure we’ll be seeing the doctor soon for all of the illnesses that he didn’t get during his first two years…

…oh yeah, and I guess I’ll be seeing the pediatrician soon with baby #2.


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