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Moving soon! (I hope)

Thanks for hanging in here with me.  I’m trying to make the move from to

Blissdom lit the fire I needed to finally get this done.  My photo blog is also moving from to

Thanks for joining me on this ride.  As soon as I get settled, posts will be more consistent.  I have a ton to talk about, but I don’t want to double post each entry much longer!

I’ll share my Duotone photoblog theme woes with all of you as soon as there’s a happy ending.

How about you?  Do you have any “look back and can only laugh about” stories of moving your blog to a self-hosted site?



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Business 2 Blogger!

I am never sure where life will take me, let alone this little blog… but here’s an option for anyone out there who needs some guidance!

Take a look for yourself and see if you can use some of their (free!) advice and services!

Business 2 Blogger


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Grandparents have all the fun!

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Safe and Sound(ish)

Happy New Year everyone!!

We are back home after a great trip to Buenos Aires.  We experienced much of the life and culture.  And because we never do anything half-assed, we even experienced the public health system when Daryoosh got sick.

Everyone is doing great though!  We had made an appointment with the pediatrician and ended up going straight there from the airport, smelly selves and all.  In BA, they diagnosed him Bronchiolitis and gave him breathing treatments.  The ped added a double ear infection and some amoxicillin.  (Can you imagine the fun I had on the 10-hour flight from BA to Dallas?)  I do have to say we were both troopers!!

Highlights from our trip:

-Having the whole family together!

-Meeting Sheila’s friend Bernardo’s awesome family!

-Awesome living: A fabulous 2 bedroom apartment and separate studio flat across the street from each other.

-A beautiful view from the 11th floor apartment.

-A children’s playground downstairs.

-A great ice cream place downstairs.

-An awesome cafe downstairs.

-Complete strangers coming up and making conversation and asking about the kids, etc.  Some of the nicest most sincere people I have ever encountered!

-Listening to the Argentine accent.

-Disney Channel available for the boys in the apartment.

-Wonderfully yummy food!

-More yummy food!

-Delicious empanadas.

-Fabulous beef.

-Trying to wrap our heads around the fact that Christmas falls during summer break…you give it a try!

Stay tuned for more pictures!!!

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Finger-licking good

Ok.  Following Brigid‘s lead, I’m jumping in.

The first challenge:  An embarrassing moment.

At my wedding, I literally found myself in QUITE the sticky situation.

My husband and I took part in the usual wedding reception tradition of feeding each other cake.  Naturally, our fingers were covered in icing.  Some folks from the wait staff brought us a bowl.  We gave each other a quick glance and then did what came naturally…we washed our sticky hands in the bowl.

Some would have called it a bowl. Others may have called it a love cup.  Most would have realized that it was filled with Champagne before immersing their hands up to their wrists. Someone had gifted us a knife and server set with the intention that it would be used to cut and serve the cake.  Little did we know the set included a “love cup” (and little did we know that such a thing even existed!).

The beauty of it all was that the wedding was multicultural.  As an American-born daughter of Iranian parents, marrying a Spaniard, I didn’t skip a beat.  I grabbed the cup and took a sip, and my new husband followed my lead.  I told him not to worry and said,  “The Americans will think it was an Iranian tradition, the Iranians will think it was a Spanish tradition, and the Spaniards will think it was an American tradition!”

(And yes, I did lick my fingers.)


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Cake anyone?

For a little guy who doesn’t really eat cake, he sure had a lot of it…

Birthday cupcakes:


Birthday brownies for school (thanks Publix!):


Birthday brownies (extras for school-I decorated these)


Ghost cake from Grandma


Pumpkin cake from Grandma


Of all of these, Yago may have had one cupcake, one two-bite brownie, and one bite of cake.  I hope that he continues to have this indifference to most things sweet.  (but I am afraid that we’ll never be rid of the M&M obsession…)

In fact, on a side note, 2 of Yago’s favorite people in the world dressed up as Yago’s favorite thing in the world:



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Happy Birthday Yago!



My mom bought these two cakes for Yago’s birthday.  They were too cute.  We had a great time on his actual birthday.  My cousin was visiting from California with her two daughters (Emma, 8 months older than Yago and  Ava, 4 months older than Daryoosh!)  Yago and Emma both got to blow out candles. Yago is still asking when he can play with Emma and Ava again!

Here are some more photos from their visit!






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