“But I’m cute…”

Yago’s teacher gave me a good laugh this morning as she told me a story about Yago on the playground yesterday. Yago had to sit out for a short while at recess because he did not listen his teacher.  She asked him twice not to go out of the playground area (there was a very inviting pile of snow) and twice he did not listen and proceeded to go anyway. She said his response to the “time out” was something to effect of, “…but I’m cute…”

Good luck with that son. Let me know how that works for you!

It makes me happy that he’s starting to defy his teachers too.  It truly means that he feels completely comfortable with them.  (That doesn’t mean that I condone the defiance, it’s just good to hear that he feels “at home”.)

I’m still chuckling about this.  A good way to start my morning!


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