I’m still standing

My friend Brigid coined a fabulous phrase, and I hope she doesn’t mind if I use it.

I am more eager than anxious to start this new year; however, anxious is trying desperately to creep into the forefront.

1) I started the year off with hard drive failure on my laptop a clean slate–literally!

2) Sombra just made a visit to the pet emergency hospital tonight.  I’m really in the wrong career here.  After hours pet care–wow.   (Poor thing has bladder stones-yes, we know that from after-hours pet emergency x-rays.)  Good thing I lost the budget in the laptop, right?

These things come in threes.  Maybe the sky will fall tomorrow. Or, then again, maybe Daryoosh’s double ear infection on the eve of the New Year can count as #1 and we’re good to go!

Dear New Year, hit me with your best shot.  I’m still standing!


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