Safe and Sound(ish)

Happy New Year everyone!!

We are back home after a great trip to Buenos Aires.  We experienced much of the life and culture.  And because we never do anything half-assed, we even experienced the public health system when Daryoosh got sick.

Everyone is doing great though!  We had made an appointment with the pediatrician and ended up going straight there from the airport, smelly selves and all.  In BA, they diagnosed him Bronchiolitis and gave him breathing treatments.  The ped added a double ear infection and some amoxicillin.  (Can you imagine the fun I had on the 10-hour flight from BA to Dallas?)  I do have to say we were both troopers!!

Highlights from our trip:

-Having the whole family together!

-Meeting Sheila’s friend Bernardo’s awesome family!

-Awesome living: A fabulous 2 bedroom apartment and separate studio flat across the street from each other.

-A beautiful view from the 11th floor apartment.

-A children’s playground downstairs.

-A great ice cream place downstairs.

-An awesome cafe downstairs.

-Complete strangers coming up and making conversation and asking about the kids, etc.  Some of the nicest most sincere people I have ever encountered!

-Listening to the Argentine accent.

-Disney Channel available for the boys in the apartment.

-Wonderfully yummy food!

-More yummy food!

-Delicious empanadas.

-Fabulous beef.

-Trying to wrap our heads around the fact that Christmas falls during summer break…you give it a try!

Stay tuned for more pictures!!!


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