Tuesday was one of possibly two or three occasions we may have this season for the kids to pose with Santa.  I’ve never pushed Santa or the Easter Bunny with Yago.  He’s not a big fan of either.  He’s never had a problem with the giant rat named Chuck, though…go figure.

We were at the mall and had some time to kill so we stood in the very short line for Santa.  The entire time, Yago was declaring that he was not going to see Santa, only Daryoosh.  Only Daryoosh.  Like a broken record.

When it was our turn, I handed Daryoosh over to Santa and here’s the result:

Thanks to this low-res scanned copy, you can’t tell that this Santa sitting was a ‘since we’re already here,’ walk-by decision by the food stains on Daryoosh’s shirt.

Oh, and yes, I was slightly disappointed that I won’t be able to share any photos of my hysterically crying afraid-of-Santa baby on this website.


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