Finger-licking good

Ok.  Following Brigid‘s lead, I’m jumping in.

The first challenge:  An embarrassing moment.

At my wedding, I literally found myself in QUITE the sticky situation.

My husband and I took part in the usual wedding reception tradition of feeding each other cake.  Naturally, our fingers were covered in icing.  Some folks from the wait staff brought us a bowl.  We gave each other a quick glance and then did what came naturally…we washed our sticky hands in the bowl.

Some would have called it a bowl. Others may have called it a love cup.  Most would have realized that it was filled with Champagne before immersing their hands up to their wrists. Someone had gifted us a knife and server set with the intention that it would be used to cut and serve the cake.  Little did we know the set included a “love cup” (and little did we know that such a thing even existed!).

The beauty of it all was that the wedding was multicultural.  As an American-born daughter of Iranian parents, marrying a Spaniard, I didn’t skip a beat.  I grabbed the cup and took a sip, and my new husband followed my lead.  I told him not to worry and said,  “The Americans will think it was an Iranian tradition, the Iranians will think it was a Spanish tradition, and the Spaniards will think it was an American tradition!”

(And yes, I did lick my fingers.)



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6 responses to “Finger-licking good

  1. Indeed, well played. I love that all the guests at your wedding probably went home that day feeling enlightened as to this new and wonderful tradition. I bet there were even some that talked about what the significance of the hand dunking before the sipping was.


  2. Nicely handled and a well-told story. Way to play the multicultual card to your advantage!

  3. April

    who knows, maybe you’ve started a new tradition. You should market this! LOL Nice story. Am now thinking my is a tad too long…. 🙂

  4. hilarious line…and yes, i licked my fingers!! i love this post. short and sweet…

  5. Funny. Cute. And, can’t believe you got all of that out in a private moment at a very public event. Thanks for the link.

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