Coming out of his shell…

Apparently Yago is emerging from his shell.

It was just until a few days ago that I would walk around the corner and peek into his classroom only to find him sitting on his lunch box behind the door.  He would be waiting.  If he had eaten lunch earlier than usual that day, he’d even have a tear in his eye.  One day I entered the classroom only to hear, “I told you Yago. I was right and you were wrong.”  Yago’s friend had told him that his mom was going to be here soon and he had insisted that she’s not coming.  The friend went on and on about how right he had been.

For the last several days at pick-up I have had to wait.  and wait. and wait. and wait. and wait for him some more to get ready to go.  I get there and he hasn’t finished lunch, or hasn’t finished cleaning up lunch.  And then there’s the chorus of good-byes.  Yago just beams and waves good-bye.  There’s suddenly no sign of that shy little boy anywhere…

His teachers tell me that he’s quite the comedian these days.  On Friday he ate lunch with some of the older kids and apparently had them rolling.  Today the teachers heard him laugh the most incredible belly laugh they had ever heard out of him.   One teacher said that it has been fun watching Yago come out of his shell.   My response was, “now you see what I get to put up with.”  🙂

I am glad that the Yago I know is now the Yago they know too.  I hope his silliness stays within the boundaries of acceptability.  I hope he continues to love school and get excited about seeing all of his friends.

Now, if I could just get him to stop whining that he doesn’t want to go in the morning!!


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