Ready, Set, Go!

Yago was excited about his first day of school.  If you don’t believe me, see for yourself:




On the way to school, I was taking music requests.  At first he asked for Tik-Tik-Tak from one of the Putumayo Kids CDs.  We LOVE those CDs!  Next, he asked for “crying baby”.  Somehow I realized that he was really asking for “Wheels on the Bus.” Don’t ask me how I deciphered that code.  We sang along happily all the way to school.

Yago was a little shy when his teacher came to extract him from the car.  When I picked him up at noon, yhough he had had a good morning!  (And his second day was upgraded to a “great morning” according to one of his teachers!) 

He is challenged in this classroom and I like that because it keeps him busy.  I am always excited to pick him up after lunch and find out what he did.  I wish he would tell me more about his day, but I guess that’s just payback.  My mom reminded me about my answers after school every day of my life:

How was school?  “Fine”

What did you do? “Nothing”

Did you ______? “No”

Did play with _____?  “No”

At least Yago answers more than “No” when prompted, but I seriously have to fish around and name the activities and students in his class.

I am sure there’s a way to extract more information out of my son.  I just haven’t it found it yet.

We are thrilled and couldn’t be happier with his new classroom!


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  1. Your boys are beautiful, Shab. I’m so glad Yago is happy at school now. You were wise to follow your intuition. Keep those photos coming!

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