Minty Fresh! (or, Why I need a new flat-iron)

Here’s a cautionary tale for you.

When you are scrambling to get ready for a party, after you take a quick power nap and after you feed your baby on one side while pumping the other side, make sure you look carefully at your flat-iron before you bring it into contact with your hair.  If there is a travel-size tube of toothpaste close by, you may accidentally pick it up.  When you put it in your hair and squeeze together the ends of the flat-iron, release immediately if there is an obstruction caused by a tube of toothpaste’s melting plastic casing.  Close your eyes immediately to lessen the exposure of the fumes of minty freshness to your unsuspecting eyes.

(and when you have big hair and helmet head, just be happy that at least your hair isn’t minty fresh)


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