mug shot

It looks like we’re trying to organize a family reunion of sorts.  In July. In Turkey. WHAT? So many things must be done before that can happen!  The firts item of business: a passport for Daryoosh.

Passport hunting was our morning adventure.  So much for my early start since Daryoosh decided to sleep in until 8:45.

Stop 1: Go to the office to get authorization paperwork notarized so that only ONE of us has to take the morning off to get the paperwork done.  You see, technically, both parents must be present for a passport application.  (For anyone needing a passport for your child let me know if you have any questions.  I’m a pro now, having done this twice in as many years). This stop was painless.  I didn’t even take the kids out of the car.  Bonus: Yago and Grandpa had a few laughs before we headed to our next stop.

Stop 2: Go to Kinko’s for the passport photo.  This was truly fun.  An adventure for all involved.  Daryoosh was all smiles and giggly and squirmy.  At least he could sit up on the little stoop thingee they had!  I held his hand and we had to take photo after photo.  She tried 3 photos before her memory was full.  She deleted a few photos but then the battery died.  We changed the battery and took more photos.  Nope, he looked away on that one…nope, he stuck his finger in his mouth in the other one.  Finally we got a good shot! (Well, good enough…)  It looks like a mug shot.  He’s under arrest for stealing our hearts.


There were a few other delays, such as printing a 4×6 photo first instead of 2 2x2s (a photo of that photo is pictured) and then figuring out how to get back to the right settings. Oh yeah, and a special thanks to my iphone and the clerk who gave Yago the lollipop to keep him occupied.

Stop 3: Off to the Post Office.  Take the boys out of the car and into the stroller once again.  The boys were getting restless and Daryoosh didn’t want to stay in the stroller any longer.  A few M&Ms and my iphone kept Yago in the stroller while the paperwork was completed. Once we were done and I got to the car, I couldn’t find Daryoosh’s SS card.  It must have fallen out of the folder.  Ugh.  Retrace steps, no.  Where could it be? Looked in my purse.  Oh yeah.  I took it out of there didn’t I so that it wouldn’t fall out since I knew I wouldn’t need it…

So, 2 hours, 2 photos, and 1/2 a bag of M&Ms later, we completed our adventure.  Our morning adventure will seem like nothing compared to the international travel with two kids we have ahead of us.  Especially if Santi can’t get the vacation time on such short notice!  ACK!


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