School Daze

As I drive away from drop-off, I watch as Yago slowly walks with his teacher to the playground.  He stands around as if in a daze, as he regains his courage to continue.  He looks back to see if my car is still in sight.  The traffic on Granny White keeps me from turning out of the driveway.  I watch him through the rear view mirror as he turns around and joins his classmates.

The drama days of morning drop-offs are hopefully a thing of the past.  Honestly, I expected that this would take weeks and weeks; not just days.  Yago is sad when we first get in the car.  He tells me, “not Montessori, Mom.  Mot’s house, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.”  Then we take a look and get excited about what we have packed for lunch.

“Doesn’t that look yummy?” I usually ask.

“Yes!” he answers, only half-enthusiastically.

I also let him choose one or two items to put into his backpack for the day.  Today’s items: a book about dinosaurs, and the manual for the Wii Play video game (you can judge all you want–I don’t care)

I am proud of him for many reasons!  Among them are:

1. He chooses music over movies EVERY morning on the way to school.  I know.  Never say never.  This morning he asked for Cars and since I didn’t want any additional drama, I gave in to his request  (I’m choosing my battles carefully today).  Within five minutes he asked me for music.  I knew he wouldn’t let me down! (We alternate between 2 different Putamayo Kids CDs and a CD that came with a book I bought to teach Santi some American nursery rhymes. We act silly and  laugh all the way to school.)

2. Yago will still smile for me even when he’s sad.  Here’s proof.  The sad eyes gave away his true feelings this morning, but he gave me the best smile (and best semi-enthusiastic high-five) that he could.


3. He will come home from school and tell me that “he had a good day.”

Each day will get a little easier for him and before I know it, he’ll be begging me to stay.


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  1. It tugs at us as parents, doesn’t it? Yet, for me, at the same time that my child wanted to stay with me, and didn’t want to separate, I wanted her to stay close by, and go. I want her to flourish, and that is when I want her to go. But, I want her within my eyesight at times, too, to keep her safe. Then, I want her to stay. She is eleven now, and outgrowing us two moms as her parents so fast, it is frightening. Yet, still needing us at the same time. Parenthood is such a beautiful thing. ANd, you are absolutely right: ALWAYS choose the battles; it keeps the peace!!!!

    Thanks for visiting over at my blog; come again soon! Peace, Vanessa

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