What a difference a day makes…

He will get used to it eventually, right?

This was Yago before his first day of school:


Here is Yago before his second day:


He will get used to this.  He will cry off and on all morning like he did yesterday.  He’ll come home and tell me that yes, he did have a good time.  He’ll go kicking and screaming again tomorrow and then for four days he’ll forget and on Tuesday we’ll start all over again.  Eventually he’ll get used to it.  Eventually he’ll have fun.  Eventually won’t be here soon enough.

I expected the crying and sadness this morning.  I know my kid, after all.  We talked all morning about all the things he would do today.  We packed his lunch and he ooh’d and ahh’d at all of the yummy things we packed.  He was sincerely happy to go; but when it came down to actually going, he wanted to go to “Mot’s” house.  (Mot is the name he has chosen for my mom).  I don’t blame him.  Who wouldn’t want to play tennis and baseball and soccer INSIDE the house?  Who wouldn’t want to be doted upon all day by Grandma? Sign me up for that, please!

I tried to distract him the best I could as we drove by my mom’s house on our way by singing and opening the sunroof.  It didn’t make a difference.  He knew.  We passed the house and he said, “Mom, not Montessori.  Mot’s house, pleeeeease.”

I reminded him what a great time he was going to have and we spent the rest of the ride happily singing along to a Putamayo Kids CD.  Then we pulled into the driveway and I put Yago’s shoes back on his feet.  He was noticeably upset as he was extracted from the car.

I reminded him how much fun he was going to have.  He walked to the gate of the playground and looked back only once.

I drove off and surprisingly didn’t shed a single tear.  This is good for him and he will adapt quickly.  He really will.  Really. Won’t he?



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4 responses to “What a difference a day makes…

  1. He will be fine, really! The having-a-difficult-transition-at-first is such normal behavior, it really is. Once he learns that it’s going to be a regular routine, and that there will be super fun things going on at school that he won’t want to miss, he’ll perk up. And see, he already did so well today!

  2. He was fine! Much better than yesterday!!

    Thanks Jen!

  3. Jennifer

    One day you will go and have to drag him off the playground at school because he is having too much fun playing with his friends. Then you will wonder if he loves school more than home (of course you will know he doesn’t but the thought will cross your mind) 🙂

  4. Jenn-Yes, that will be our next challenge, I’m sure!

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