School debriefing

When I went to pick Yago up from school, I was just a little bit early.  He had just sat down to eat lunch.  I was invited by his teachers to have a seat at his table while he ate.  Some kids were sitting one to a table and others two to a table.  Everyone had his/her standard issue lunch box on the floor by the table.  All of the kids had plates with food arranged neatly on them.  It was cute.  There are a LOT of kids on Wednesdays.  I guess it’s the middle of the week and since they suggest consecutive days, Wednesdays are popular.  When I got to Yago’s room there were 4 teachers there helping out all of the kids.  They were patient and caring.  I spoke briefly to one of the teachers to see how Yago did today.  She said that he cried the first fifteen minutes or so and then he was fine.  She also said that he really loves music and responded to it very well.  She said she even caught a smile or two on his face throughout the day.  My favorite thing of all that she told me, “Yago’s really coming out of his shell.”  It makes me feel really good to hear that.  I’m happy that he’s happy.  In fact, he wanted to stay and play a bit more, but I told him that we’d be back tomorrow.  I asked him if he wanted to come back and he answered with an enthusiastic “YES!”

Here is an excerpt of our post-school debriefing:

Mom: Yago, how was school today?  Did you have fun?

Yago: Yes

Mom: What did you do today?

Yago: Dance, music, outside

Mom: Did you cry at school yesterday?

Yago: Yes

Mom: Did you cry a little or a lot?

Yago: A lot.

Mom: How about today?  Did you cry a little or a lot?

Yago: A little.

Mom: Do you want to go back to school tomorrow?

Yago: Yes.

“Eventually” will be here sooner than we think…


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