The little victories

If you had asked me 2 weeks ago I would have laughed.  Out loud. My kid?  Ha! Not a chance!

I would have said, “it’s not an ‘accident’ when it’s the norm…”

I would have said, “I’m not really in any hurry so he can take his time anyway…”

I would have said, “…as long as ‘taking his time’ happens by August!”

Saturday was the first day I took Yago out of the house for an extended period of time WITHOUT PULL-UPS.  He was a champ!  Even while playing in water he let me know when he had to go.  He even fell asleep in the car, and was dry until through the night.

Sunday was an even bigger day as he not only went to the bathroom in a public restroom for the first time, but he also went to bathroom three times while we were at the pool. That means that he probably didn’t go in the pool!

The little things that make me happy.

Keep up the good work, little man.  I’m really proud of you.

One day he’ll read this and be mortified, but hey…at least I didn’t include a picture!


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