Carried away.

I was at the zoo last Sunday with the boys.  We were there bright and early to avoid crowds.  It turned out perfectly.  We headed first to the jungle gym and I carried Daryoosh in the bjorn.  I followed Yago all around the giant treehouse.  We crossed the swinging bridge, climbed to the very top!  Once at the top, Yago decided he wanted to climb down the rope/net ladder.  What?  This is the same kid who refuses to go down slides (had a couple of scary experiences when he was younger). We started down it.  Remember, here I am with a bad knee and carrying almost 20 pounds strapped to my chest! Luckily, a sweet little girl helped Yago down.  I convinced him to stop at the first landing and we took a more conventional route down!

We spent a while there and then we went to see the animals.  Yago led the way.  I put Daryoosh in the stroller and was very happy that Yago stayed close to me the entire time.  He didn’t even argue when we passed his FAVORITE: the reptile house!  without going in since his brother was asleep and strollers aren’t allowed inside.

When we got to the zebras, Yago wanted me to lift him up for a better view. He asked to ride in the bjorn.  What?!  I was exhausted already from climbing all over the treehouse with Daryoosh and now Yago wanted a “turn?!”  I told him that I would, but just for a few minutes.  Here’s proof:


Luckily, he was happy to get back into the stroller after a short ride, saving my back and my knee!

It was a great day at the zoo for the three of us.  Afterward, we headed over to my parents’ place and my dad asked us his usual post-zoo question, “…and they let you out?”


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  1. GiGi

    That is so funny! My dad would have said the same thing!

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