Moderation is our key

My dad gave me the best piece of advice before I left for college:

“Everything in moderation”

(I’m sure that he didn’t mean that for studying but I took it literally…)

Today I was reading an article in the Tennessean on attachment parenting. (The ignorant comments are often quite entertaining if you’re in the right mood!)

I guess I’m more middle-of-the-road on this one than I thought. 

1) Breast-feeding: CHECK. If my 5-month old continues, I’ll likely continue but not beyond 2 years because I’ll probably want my body back!(speaking of toddlers, did you know that in Tennessee women’s rights to breastfeed in public places are newborn to 12 months?  That’s what the law states.  So I could theoretically be cited for indecent exposure if I breastfeed my kid beyond 12 months…excellent!)

 2) Co-sleeping: 1/2 CHECK.  We kept the babies in our room until 3 months. Sometimes they would be in our bed, but most of the time in the bassinet.  In bed, the baby would be between me and a mesh barrier that we installed, thereby reducing the chance of suffocating the baby by 1/2 (or possibly more since I’m the light sleeper!).  Now that Yago’s a toddler, we stay with him in his room until he falls asleep.  He joins us in bed as soon as he wakes up (be it 1am or 7am) and goes back to sleep.  Is this the same as co-sleeping?  Probably.  Moderately, right?

3) Baby-wearing: check. I put this one in lower case because he’s not usually being worn by us anymore, but we do still wear him occasionally.  He doesn’t mind riding along side his brother in the double stroller!

I sometimes preface my response to the pediatrician’s questions with, “I am aware of the risks, but…” For example, Yago napped on his tummy. I put a blanket on Daryoosh since Yago hates to be covered.  Maybe this child won’t refuse to be covered later!

Now you know some of my not-so-secrets.  What are some of your secrets to successful parenting?




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3 responses to “Moderation is our key

  1. GiGi

    The best piece of advice for parenting is “trust your instincts.” It has served me well on numerous occasions. I think people get so caught up in all the supposed rules and this is what’s best. It actaully gets kind of annoying. I can’t stand when moms talk really loudly to their children because it’s really not for the children- it’s for the other parents who are listening. It’s insecurity about their parenting and they want to show off that they know “what’s right.” I have beena really aware yet relaxed parent to Nick and I think that is the main reson he is such a great kid. And the whole sleeping thing- Nick is in my bed more often than not, but I am about to do a big transition because he is just too squirmy. Sorry Shab- I think my response is longer than your blog!!!

  2. As a self-proclaimed Attachment Parent I have spent a great deal of time and effort (and enjoyment) bonding with my children while they are young so that I can step back and help them grow to be self-sufficient, loving individuals. I am a believer in Positive Discipline and Love and Logic. Letting children learn from mistakes as youngsters, can help them from making mistakes as teens/adults – when the stakes are so much higher.

    I often find that helicopter parenting/permissive parenting get lumped in with Attachment Parenting. The children of helicopter parents couldn’t be more opposite from the children of Attachment parents.

  3. I agree with both of you. I tend to follow my instincts (which had probably been affected (and effected for that matter) years ago when I watched my parents’ interaction with my brother) Attachment Parenting gets a bad rap. Positive discipline is still discipline.

    The most important thing is that what works for me is definitely not always the right way, but my way. For that reason, I try not to judge other parenting styles. I’ve also learned that you parent the child you have, not the child you want. 😉

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