Don’t bring me down!

I’ve been lucky with my blog.  Few readers mean few comments which means no nasty hate-mail.  That’s not the case with my YouTube account though.  I recently had to delete a horrible comment to one of my YouTube videos (not any of the kids!).  Why do people feel compelled to post horribly nasty comments?  Is it liberating to insult others?  Are you jealous that you weren’t involved?  Do you just hate life that much that you want to bring others down with you?

I deleted the comment immediately and blocked the user.  I don’t even remember what the nasty comment was.  It’s not worth my time to fret over it, and certainly not worth this post either. 

OK. I am so over it. I was only reminded of it because someone in the blogosphere posted some of her hate-mail today. It also reminded me of the time I wrote an editorial for a high school English assignment that got pulished in the Tennessean.  I got a hate letter that was so nasty I dropped the letter as the words on the paper were shouting at me.

Whatever happened to, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, please shut up?”



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2 responses to “Don’t bring me down!

  1. GiGi

    I think so many people are really stressed and unhappy and for some reason take it out on others. I try to have sympathy for them. It’s very sad.

    And I’m with Yago- I think a corndog sounds pretty darn yummy.

  2. 🙂 Thanks Gigi!
    If it makes someone feel better, then I say he/she should hate-mail me all day. I’ll just delete it! 😉

    As for the corndog, we have an emergency stash of corndogs (they are chicken, so almost healthy right?!). Plus, sending Santi to the grocery store means that we often have a stash of sausage on a stick wrapped in a pancake (not healthy at all). Yago thinks of both of these as corndogs so I’m not sure exactly which he wanted this morning. (And for the record, he had waffles!)

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