Go to your room, please.

The following is a conversation that would not have taken place had I banished Yago to his room before I looked for clothes to wear this morning:

Shab: picking out clothes for the day.  Always a horrible task since nothing in the closet fits and she refuses to buy new clothes before losing a little bit more weight

Yago: hanging out in the closet while his mom looks for clothes that fit

Shab: picks up a hanger with a shirt that she hasn’t worn since the beginning of pregnancy with Daryoosh

Yago: Mom, that’s too small.

Shab: Excuse me?

Yago: That’s too small. How about this? (said while pulling the sleeve of a maternity shirt that hasn’t been worn post-pregnancy)

Shab: Thanks for your help.  Now, go to your room, please.

(OK, I confess that I didn’t really send him to his room, but you can bet that I really wanted to!)


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