Solo bedtime…

Solo bedtimes on Tuesdays are usually a bit challenging because of the timing of it all.  Will Daryoosh fall asleep first?  What will I do if I’m trying to get Yago down and Daryoosh is crying?  UGH.  Sometimes I make a slumber party out of it and we all pile on my bed.  Tonight would have been the perfect night for a movie and popcorn in my bed with the three of us.

Unfortunately, everything seemed to go wrong…

Yago doesn’t nap anymore. Except. On. Tuesdays. Seriously?  No nap would make bedtime a breeze.  Today he actually fell asleep in the driveway.  I literally checked to make sure he was awake, checked the mail, checked again to make sure he was awake.  He fell asleep between putting the car back into drive, and pulling into the garage. Just like that. Oh, did I mention it was just after 5:00? Did I also mention that he didn’t wake up until 7:00?

Never fear!  My solution?  A perfect night to watch Dancing With the Stars together!  And we did!

I knew it was too good to be true when Daryoosh fell asleep at 8:00.  It would have made it too easy!  Sure enough, within 5 minutes of “lights out” (it was about 9:45 after we read the millionth book) Daryoosh woke up and began to cry.  REALLY cry.  Oh well. I soothed him a bit, hoping without any confidence that Yago would actually stay in his room.  He brought a book and asked me to read.  I told him to please be patient–one of his favorite words lately!  Like when the temperature bar is going on his computer game on, he turns to me and says, “Mom, patient.”–Anyway, he wasn’t very patient, but Daryoosh fell back asleep.

I went back to Yago and convinced him that we didn’t have time for more books.  Instead, I told him a couple of stories about a very obedient kid named Yago. When I was sure he was about to fall asleep, Daryoosh began to cry scream.  The boys have Jack and Jill Jack rooms that are connected by a bathroom so I completely felt like a yo-yo going back and forth.

I went back to Daryoosh.  Maybe he’s teething? Anyway, I got him down one more time.  This time I spent much more time and Yago was patiently sitting on his bed like I asked, “reading” books to himself.  After putting him down in bed, I went back to Yago, repeated lights out and we sang the alphabet song and then I pretended to fall fell asleep until Daryoosh started crying again.  Yago was almost out, and if he can fall asleep in the car with a fussy little brother in the seat next to him, I thought surely he could fall asleep at 10:45!! with a fussy brother 2 bathroom doors away.   Sure enough, Yago fell asleep.

I scooped Daryoosh up and took him with me while I watched the DVR’d episode of The Mentalist.  I put him back in bed and he should be down for the night.  Famous last words, I know.

Phew! Sorry.  It turned out to be such a rambling post.  Lucky for me, bedtime is almost NEVER this difficult.

…and lucky for you too.


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