I am tired of reading bad news.  If any of you read today then you read about some horrible things happening to innocent people.  It seems like the only good news I read today was about the toddler who had two strangers catch her as she fell 40 feet from a window.  Thank the person who called one of them on the cell phone causing him to go outside of the restaurant to take the call.

When even the good news we read is somewhat tragic (how does a toddler even have access to an open window let alone a window on the third floor?) it just makes me want to stop reading. 

So that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to read only good articles for the rest of the week (or at least try to…). If the headline is sad, I won’t give in to the temptation to read it.  No rubber-necking for me for the rest of the week.

Send me your good news this week.  I’m tired of all of the bad news.



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3 responses to “News.

  1. Food recall articles like those on pistacios and pepper are exceptions to my rule, of course!

  2. I guess you won’t do very much reading I am sorry to say.

  3. True. It may only last 1 afternoon, unless I unplug my internet connection…

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