Dancing with our star

Yago loves to watch Dancing with the Stars.  Usually we’ll forget that it’s on, but last night it came on and we had to pause the TV so that Yago would finish his dinner first. 

When DWTS is on, Yago can’t sit still and won’t let us sit still either.  He insists that Santi or I take his hands and dance.  He even adds some turns to make it exciting.  Last night he was stalling bedtime.  Usually he runs to his room because he wants to play in the sink while he brushes his teeth.  He also loves to read books in his bed with Santi before “lights out.”

Not last night.  Last night he said, “Mom, one more dance, pleeeease?” and then he held up his palm and said, “Five minutes, Okay!”  (as if he wasn’t asking but letting me know.) It was 8:30 so this could have gone on for another half-hour, and it was already passed a no-nap Yago’s bedtime.  We had already reached the end of the cached portion of the show on our DVR so Yago had to wait through commercials.  After one commercial he changed his mind and ran to his room.  Never thought I’d be so thankful for commercials!  😉

Maybe tonight I’ll remember to get the camera out for Yago’s dancing…


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