Legally Yours

Santi surprised me on Saturday by arranging a breakfast anniversary date.  I learned later that he had been planning this surprise for the last few months.  You can imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang and my parents walked in at 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday.  My parents were there to watch the kids and Santi was taking me to Merridees:  the place where we had breakfast before we tied our legal knot.

Let me back up…

8 years ago (March 14, 2001, to be exact) Santi and I legally tied the knot.

He flew to Nashville from Spain around March 7th.  We had thirty days from his date of entry to get married.  Our “wedding” date had been set for April 28–well beyond the 30 day requirement.  My Aspect friends may remember that I took March 14th off in order to get our marriage license and see what the process would be to get hitched.

We went to the Williamson County Clerk’s office and signed paperwork and payed the necessary fees.  We got a list of people who could marry us.  The woman at the desk high-lighted one person on the list who had an office around the corner–he happened to be the head of vetrans’ affairs.

Once we had the initial paperwork squared away, we decided to have breakfast. We found a nice place close to the square.  After breakfast we went back to seek out the man who could marry us to hopefully make an appointment with him.

We found his office; the door was open. We waited patiently around the corner while he finished a phone conversation and then inched our way toward him.  I nervously began to let him know that the woman at the office had sent us there and we wanted to make an appointment. Neither Santi nor I quite expected his response,

“Come on in and close the door behind you”

What? Now? Now-now? OK. We weren’t really expecting this and didn’t even have our rings with us!  We repeated a few phrases and it was over.  Three of us in a room, no rings, no nonsense.  We were married.

I don’t remember the rest of the day, and I’ll never forget that breakfast.

And there we were 8 years later reliving the experience.  Happy Anniversary, and thank you, Santi, for a wonderful surprise!


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