clutter update

An update on my progress.  I have to get organized and make my lists, but I have cleaned up the following:

  • Most of the drawers in the two dressers in the bed room  (including the sock drawers–we are due a sock revolution.  Out with the old!! But I didn’t want to do this without Santi’s authorization so I kept all of the socks except a few holey ones)
  • The kitchen pantry is more organized (yes, there is still clutter as I decide if I REALLY want to get rid of appliances I haven’t used in years (like the bread machine…it may just make a comeback!  Who knows?!).
  • My car. I cleaned out the unnecessary junk from the car.  Of course, I did that in the beginning of the week so I’m sure that by now I’ll have enough there again…the car is a weekly project in itself when there are two boys around!  (I know…I’m doing my best to make it a 2-minute daily project instead of a weekly–or biweekly–thing.)

Next on the list in my head that I will get down on paper (even if for no other reason than be able to put a check-mark by it!):

  • clear out clothes that are too small for Daryoosh and bring in the next size
  • tackle my closet one hanger at a time.
  • the rest of the house…ugh. I will not think about it yet.

Happy spring cleaning.  I hope that you are having more success than I am getting things into your keep/donate/throw away piles.  Each day I’m inching closer.  Hopefully I’ll stay motivated.  If anyone has some spare motivation I could definitely use some…


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