Milestone day

Despite my greatest efforts, it looks like I haven’t ruined my kid…yet.

Today on the way to target he insisted we listen to his nursery rhyme song CD (it’s a CD that came with the book I bought for Santi to teach him some of our traditional nursery rhymes). He didn’t ask for Elmo, Thomas, or Mary Poppins in the DVD player. He wanted to sing along with his ‘ABC’ cd as he calls it (the first song is the alphabet song).

Later when we came home the biggest surprise EVER–no, he didn’t nap…I would have wondered if someone switched out my son at Target!

The following conversation ensued:

Mom: do you want chocolate milk?

Yago: Milk

Mom: you want milk?

Yago: milk.

Mom: do you want chocolate in your milk?

Yago: No, mom. Milk

You have to know where I am coming from here. Yago has always needed a little yogurt or a little chocolate to flavor his milk.
He drank the milk and I held my breath expecting him to hand it back to me and ask for chocolate.


He didn’t want to watch a movie AND he wanted plain milk?

(he also helped me unload the dish washer and load the dryer today.)

Despite my greatest efforts, I haven’t managed to ruin Yago, yet, but feel free to check back in a few years.


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