My mysteriously moving milksop

At close to 4 months old (9 more days), Daryoosh is quite dependable.  I can depend on him to stay put.  I put him on the floor to play, and if I briefly leave the room and come back, he’s still there.  No rolling, no crawling, no turning, no escaping, no worry.

This is true all day, but during the night, some other power takes over. 

Here is a picture of Daryoosh at night.  In his crib.  Before falling asleep. 

Notice the placement.  He is toward the middle of the crib, under the mobile.



Flash forward 10 hours and this is how I found him when I heard him on the video monitor. (I say I heard him because I could no longer SEE him!)


A few disclosures:
Yes, I took the blanket off before taking the picture.  I know the risks but he sleeps under a heavy-ish blanket tucked under his arms.  The blanket actually travels with him, too.
Yes, I do wake up periodically to check the monitor and yes, he was wedged like that earlier in the night, but if he’s asleep why on earth should I risk waking him to reposition him?  If he were uncomfortable would he still be asleep? Nope.
Maybe he’s just camera shy…

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One response to “My mysteriously moving milksop

  1. Tonya Amundsen

    So cute. Well at least you know ahead of time that he has the ability to be mobile. I loved looking at the picture of him on facebook sitting in the Bumbo seat. He seems too “old” too fast!

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