Book of the month

Our book of the month from the Imagination Library is A Lot of Ottersby Barbara Helen Berger.  Yago has been asking me to read it multiple times in the morning while he has his cereal.  (Can you believe it?  He has been asking for that and I haven’t had to say, “No Yago, no TV,” or “No Yago, no Pocoyo on Dad’s iPhone.”)

This  morning after reading the book only once (once was enough because I was getting too educational for him asking what color the book within the book was, making him count the otters, etc…), he was looking at the letters on the cover.

Here’s a picture to give you a better idea…



Yago prefers capital letters and was calling out the string of letters in the author’s name.  “B-A-R-B…” Then he pointed to the space after the first name and said, “missing.”

Isn’t it funny how their minds work?


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  1. Tonya Amundsen

    Your story about Yago is so cute. We have not received that book yet. I wonder if Kristoffer will enjoy it. He still has his favorite books that are old standbys. He knows if I skip a page or if I say a different word. LOL

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