For the record…

I am NOT ready for Yago to give up his nap.  We have had 4 consecutive no-nap days.  Sad, very sad. I’m not giving up hope yet.



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4 responses to “For the record…

  1. Jacob is trying to give up his nap, too. I am also fighting it. I know I survived this twice before, but I’m not sure how. We can do this, Shab. We can do this.

  2. We can do this. I will fight to the bitter end. (maybe it’s just a phase?). Thanks for the support!!

  3. Leanne

    Wait … when do they stop the midday nap? I need to start preparing myself!

  4. Leanne, Yago’s will be 1.5 year in April. WAY too early to let go of his nap. 😦 But we are still napless. I think we’re on day 5…ugh.

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