Less is more

10 minutes a day.  I am going to declutter even if it’s in 10-minute intervals.  I am writing it down and you will hold me accountable.

I will be required to report on my progress. 

Here we go.  On to my great purge. 

Start Small.  Dream Big.

And in the spirit of St Patty’s Day, I’ll try to end each posting with a limerick this month…


There once was a woman named Shab

Who definitely was not a slob

But she did have clutter

(A word hard to utter)

And it caused her poor head to throb.



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3 responses to “Less is more

  1. I so need you to be my sponser…

  2. We can motivate each other. Jessica is quite good at helping to motivate when it comes to these things as well! I want to be clutter free by the end of the year! We’ll see how it goes!! 🙂

  3. Tonya Amundsen

    Your blog is definitely giving me some chuckles which I need!

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