Paloma’s latest photoshop masterpiece:


I’ll keep the words short since I’m not happy with Yago at all today.  He was really tired after his gymnastics class this morning.  We tried unsuccessfully to get him to nap.  I wish I had those two hours of my life back.  He was punching me and kicking me in the head when I pretended I was asleep to try to get him to nap.  Fun times.



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3 responses to “Super-Family

  1. Love the picture.
    My $.02 on napping – I remember exactly what it felt like when Maggie and I would have battles royale over naps. Have not had a second glance from Nicholas on the subject (yet.) I think temperment has so much to do with it. Do what works for you as a family and don’t sweat what “you are supposed to do.”

  2. Thanks Brigid. At least we “graduated” from car trips. I think a car trip would have been the better option today considering he fell asleep on the way home…at 6:00.
    I see a better napper in my future! All I do is put Daryoosh down around 7:30 or 8:00 and he falls asleep on his own. Yago was easy at this age too, but would cry for a minute or two. I am hoping that we continue this trend! In the meantime, I want Yago to keep the nap for now. It gives us more Yago time in the afternoon after work. I honestly think he was just over-tired from gymnastics. He literally didn’t stop for the whole hour and then continued moving all day stopping only to eat lunch! I just have to realize that I won’t win every time and there are some days I’ll just have to let him skip the nap.

  3. jenniferlarsonwrites

    Terrible twos. Ack.I’m sorry that Yago…and you…had a rough day!

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