Everybody’s sleeping these days.  Sunday night, I put Daryoosh in his crib at 7:30.  He was wide awake, of course, once his head hit the crib mattress.  I talked to him a little bit and then turned on the mobile.  I left the room and waited for desperate baby cries.  Nothing but silence ensued.  He was asleep by the time the music stopped (I think so, anyway).  While I was putting the baby in his crib, Santi was putting Yago to bed.  Yago also fell asleep instantly (he was virtuously napless due to the timing of a fabulous Monkey’s Treehouse birthday party).  Two sleeping boys, the Oscars, and all was well with the world.

…until 1am when Yago ran into our room.  Fortunately, he fell back asleep instantly (in our bed).  I kept checking the video monitor, waiting for Daryoosh to wake up.  I watched until I saw a limb move and then was able to go back to sleep myself.

Fast-forward to 5:45 and Santi’s first snooze of the morning.  Still no sign of baby.  I checked the monitor again and even peeked into his room.  He was still completely asleep.  I peeked at the monitor again at 6:50.  Daryoosh was wide awake and content.  I snatched him up but not before he gave me a big smile and some giggles.  Wow, can that boy sleep!

Fast-forward again to last night.  I put Daryoosh in his crib (awake, again) at 7:30.  He was asleep in no time.  Yago, on the other hand, had a swimming party and was all wound up and hungry.  I’ll  have to post a video of him on YouTube talking about the pool party.  Anyway, it wasn’t until 9:30 that Yago finally went to sleep. 

This time it was Daryoosh who woke up at 1:00.  Yago joined us just before 6:00.  The boys and I slept until around 7:15.

It looks like I have a standing date with one of my boys at 1am. 

We’ll see what adventures tonight will bring!




And I am exactly where I want to be.


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