Yes, we took away Yago’s vice of the Wii, but he happily replaced it with another.  I made the mistake a few weeks ago of showing Yago  What was I thinking? Now he asks for Mickey Mouse or Handy Manny all of the time.  The good news?  We were at my parents’ house when I went on the website so he never even asks for it at home!  The bad news?  We are at Grandma’s house every weekday and sometimes on the weekends…

When Yago and I first go to my parents’ house (I work from there these days) we both sit down at separate computers on an L-shaped desk.   Yago will now double-click on the Disney shortcut (I made the link because he had a habit of hitting the nice red x before he was ready to quit).  He knows exactly what he’s doing.  He’ll find a read-along story, or say Handy Manny thirty times until I acknowledge that he has clicked on Handy Manny’s site.  His first activity is almost always a silly game in which goofy is using a lasso to catch shoes.  Goofy has a rope in each hand and the object is to find matching pairs.  There are various levels and each level gets more difficult. Yago is getting pretty good at that game.  Another one of his favorites is a paint-by-letter game.  He drags the paint buckets with letters and matches it to the letters on the page, and letter  by letter, the drawing becomes a painted scene.  There are other activities that he needs help with, and I’ll sit down with him and tell him where to click.  We even printed a book from the Disney site that lets you insert your name and a friend’s name .  You print, fold, staple and voilà!  In our book, Yago and Thompson meet Daisy and Minnie for a picnic.  They are eating their favorite food: pizza, but their picnic is interrupted by ants.  Fascinating, I know.

So we’ve traded one vice for another; however, it does seem to be somewhat educational and there does not seem to be any computer addiction (not yet, anyway…never say never).  The train table at Grandma’s, a nice day outside, and his loud alphabet-singing toy still trump any hour of the day (except of course the first half-hour at Grandma’s).


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