weirdo. I know.

Yes. I finally bought the crib mattress but I already miss the baby.  Three months in the bassinet and he already seems too big for it.  Yago moved to his crib at 3 months.  He was sleeping 6 hours at around that time, and as long as it was after 4am I would bring him back to bed with us.  Don’t ask me why I picked that time.  I guess I was in charge and wanted to make a rule.  Sometimes I would break the rule.  Regardless, we were fortunate that Yago would nurse and fall right back to sleep.

Tonight is Daryoosh’s first night in the crib and we’ll see how he does.  He’s been consistently sleeping around 9 hours.  Yes, I know.  I’m spoiled.  I’ll pay for it in other ways like his stubbornness and refusal to take a bottle. And maybe I’ll still be paying for it somehow through his teenage years.  We’ll see.

In preparation for this event, I spent over two hours tonight looking for the charger for the parent unit of the baby monitor.  I didn’t find it until AFTER I got on Amazon and bought a whole new set.  (Yes, I went back and canceled the order).  With camera in place (yes, it’s a safety first video monitor…the new digital graco monitor we bought is a POS after we had so much success with Yago’s Graco monitor –minus the fact that the batteries no longer stay charged–but that’s due to years of abuse by Yago throwing them around)  The new Graco monitor that I will not be using has interference on EVERY channel.

I am secretly hoping that Daryoosh wakes up early.  Weirdo.  I know.  I miss him already. How much do you want to bet that I’ll be up every hour checking the video?


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