Growing Pains.

Daryoosh is 3 months old today!  For the last two days, he’s reminded me of what having a baby is supposed to be like.  On Monday morning he woke up at 4:30, on Tuesday morning at 3:00.  Yes, for that extra feeding.  Until our three-month growth spurt he was sleeping 8-9 hours easily.  The other day he didn’t wake up until 7am!  He has reserves, I know.  You can tell by just looking at him that he’s not going to starve if he misses a meal.  That being said, I hope he goes back to sleeping soon.  I’m spoiled, I know.  With Yago, I thought 6 hours when he turned three months was heaven! 

I guess it’s really time to get him out of the bassinet and into his own room.  I need to buy a mattress first…

There’s the co-sleep-loving part of me that hopes that he’ll wake up at 5:00 every morning so that I can have my snuggle time.


Our future linebacker

Our future linebacker


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