Giving up the bottle

I am ready to give up on the bottle. I may just face the fact that no kid of mine will take it.

I am having flashbacks to Yago.  It all seemed too simple.  Pump, store, feed.  Yago stopped taking the bottle at 9 weeks.  At 6 months he learned to drink from a straw.  Yay!  I was so excited to have a way for him to drink milk other than from the source.  WRONG.  He would drink water and watered down juices; anything but milk.  Looks like it’s one of the secrets of survival that Yago has shared with his little brother.

I was so ready for this one to be different; so that I could be gone all day if need be…but alas, it just was not meant to be. Each attempt is harder, takes longer, and produces more tears.  Daryoosh will nurse for about 10 minutes tops.  He is very efficient.  Today’s (or rather last night’s) attempt–first by Santi, then by me–took over an hour.  The result: he took about 2 ounces and ended up so exhausted he just slept and skipped the meal altogether.  Excellent.  A hunger strike already.

Let’s see…1.5 hours of turmoil trying to get the kid to take the bottle, or 10 minutes of happy baby, happy mommy.  Hmm…

I know that I shouldn’t complain.  Breastfeeding has really been easy for me and I have taken that for granted.  I just have to keep remembering everything I won’t have to do!  I’ll do a daily pump for cereal once he’s old enough, but otherwise no need to be constantly pumping.  No bottles to re-sterilize or wash.  No delays while warming the bottle. No need to cry over spilled milk when I throw away a month’s worth of stored milk…

So I’m done complaining. Why should Daryoosh have anything less than his brother did, anyway?  I’ll still try to get him to take the bottle, but I refuse to send Santi to the basement saying, “don’t come back until he’s had the whole bottle.” First of all, much like the whole school situation, it’s not absolutely necessary right now.  More importantly, we don’t have a basement.


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