First sleepover (by choice)

On Friday my sister was in town from New York. We were all gathered at my parents’ house for dinner. When it was time to leave, Yago wouldn’t let go of his Khaleh Sheila. I asked him, “Yago, we are going home. Are you coming with mom or will you stay with Khaleh Sheila?” his reply, “Sheeela.”

And so he spent the night with his aunt and grandparents. He had a great time and was up past midnight and refused to sleep until they drove him around in the car.

Despite burning the midnight oil, he was a happy kid the next day. We also took him to see Harpeth Hall’s middle school production of Mulan. He enjoyed it!

Spending the night away from home was a big step! He’s growing up too quickly!

And just for fun, here’s a photoshopped pic from Santi’s sister, Paloma.
Yago v Santi


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