“Yago Help”

If the dishwasher door is even cracked open, if laundry is going in the washer, a little toddler you all know runs to help. “Yago help! Mom! Yago Help!”Honestly, although everything takes ten times longer to do, it’s fun and we are instilling good habits.  Hopefully he’ll be just as eager to help as a teenager!  (yeah, right. who am I kidding?)

Fast forward to this morning’s laundry session:

Yago was throwing the laundered clothes into his drawer in our bedroom (yes, I am that lazy that I have a set of clothes for him in our bedroom.  that’s where I change him, after all). I heared “OW! MOM!” and I turned around and somehow he had managed to close the drawer on his thumb.  I opened the drawer for him and he looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, “Mom, VERY ouch!” I gave his thumb a quick kiss, he looked at it again, nodded his head and said, “better.”

I wish every ouch were that easy to fix.


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