Out of control

Ok. I’ll admit it.  We don’t have a library card.  I know, that’s awful, especially since we live so close to one.  Please remember that Yago’s just now the right age to go and I also have an infant which makes chasing the toddler a little more difficult.  Also, I’ve been working full-time except during the last 10 weeks of leave!  Still, that’s NO EXCUSE.  I went to the Brentwood library for early voting and it was the first time I had been there since it moved from its Maryland Farms location years ago (I used to frequent that library!  I often went there to study and read). Yes, I realize that I’m showing my age.

Anyway, I better pack up my kids and get as much library time as we can before February 10!  If the “lead law” stays as is, then libraries will be off limits to kids under the age of 12.  I mean seriously?  Are they going to start carding kids at the door?



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4 responses to “Out of control

  1. Leanne

    WHAT?!?! No kids at the library?!?!?! I feel a google search coming on…

  2. Leanne

    okey doke: have no fear! Kids will still be able to go to the library. Check out this information from a the director of a library in response to an article posted in his town’s newpaper:

    Response 1: http://bristol-library.blogspot.com/2009/01/please-dont-eat-childrens-books.html

    Response 2: http://bristol-library.blogspot.com/2009/01/please-dont-eat-yellow-journalism.html

    Original article: http://www.tricities.com/tri/news/local/article/banning_children_from_public_libraries_only_option_under_new_federal_lead-t/18772/

  3. I’m sure there’s going to be an amendment/loophole/exception. It’s just funny to think that they have gone as far as they have. It will be sad to see many homemade toy makers go out of business due to the heavy cost of testing. 😦

  4. Thanks for the links!!

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