That one, this!

If Yago could type–and could also articulate in complex sentences (is that a bit redundant?)– then today’s blog entry would start out something like this:

Good evening. My name is Yago and I’m an overuser. It has been 12 days since my last Wii session.  Although I still think about the Wii daily, I am getting better about begging to play.  Today, I did not even ask to play, but I must admit that the thought of just one refreshing game of Wii Baseball did cross my mind–Change Sides! Foul Ball! Double!

Seriously, though, woohoo!  We are almost 2 weeks Wii free.  And, believe it or not, today he didn’t ask to play Wii.  Not. Even. Once.  I was so proud I almost wanted to celebrate by bringing the Wii out of hiding…just kidding.

Obviously, I exaggerate Yago’s case.  I really just got sick of telling him “no” 9 out of 10 times that he would ask to play.  Fortunately, Yago has a new passion now.  Milton Bradley’s Memory.  Of course, I limit the game to 16 cards (8 pairs), out of the total 72 and Yago’s the only one who gets a turn.  Oh, and so that he doesn’t cheat, he points to the card and I flip them over.  Well, he points to the card and exclaims “that one, this!”  It’s funny.  After 4 or 5 rounds of playing he starts to get tired and then just picks up one card and flips all the rest of them trying to find the match. It’s fun to watch his mind at work.

Here’s a video of Yago playing Memory with Santi the other day:



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2 responses to “That one, this!

  1. That video is so cute! I foind myself trying to memorize where the cards were as I watched. I have a weekness for memory games.

  2. Katie

    Ahh, the joys of Memory, it’s a favorite in our house. Is it bad that my 3 year old has legitimately beat me a couple times?

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