Daryoosh had his 2-month checkup yesterday.  What a show-off.

First of all, he weighed in at 13 lb, 3 oz (he was born only 6 lb 9 oz).  Like his brother 2 years earlier, he doubled his birth weight.  Yago also doubled his birth weight by 2 months, but he had much less to gain!

Everything looked good.  Healthy boy in the 75th percentile in weight.  Yes, a son of mine has reached the 75th percentile in a statistic.  Wow.  I never would have believed it.  Well, he is a big boy, isn’t he? He’s in the 25th percentile in height.  I guess that officially makes him fat, right?  No doubt that the Wii fit would label him as obese.  🙂  I love my little rolly polly.

Speaking of rolling, apparently Daryoosh may have passed his 4-month check-up as well…when the doc asked me if he holds his head up, I figured we’d show her…not only did he raise his head higher than he ever had at any tummy session at home; not only did he then proceed to prop himself up on his elbows; but after that he put his arm under him as if he were going to roll onto his back.  I nipped that one in the bud right away.  It’s too early for rolling around.  I’m enjoying the fact that he stays in one place…for now.

So Daryoosh has a clean bill of health!  And no, he’s not being placed on a diet.  At least I don’t have to worry if he’s getting enough to eat!  But look out Yago…soon your brother will be able to spend his days giving you a run for your money (and toys).

Here’s a picture from the appointment:

(the pre-vaccination smile, of course)

(the pre-vaccination smile, of course)

I took pictures at Yago’s checkup as well.  Check out my webpage to see how they compared at two months!

Two-month Yago v. Daryoosh


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