Recent Yagoisms

“Oh, man” (either in disappointment or in excitement)

“almost” (he said this the other day while repeatedly trying to throw Sophie the Giraffe over the shower door while I was taking a shower.  He also says this when he’s playing Wii baseball and strikes–by the way, the Wii has made a permanent exit out of the living room and is currently away in a box.  HE STILL HASN’T FORGOTTEN, though.)

“awesome” (randomly when he’s done something good like complete a puzzle)

“oh gosh” (the other day we were at my mom’s house and any time he did anything he would exclaim “oh gosh”)

“nice shot” (said to himself when he was throwing a plush football over the kitchen bar table and into the sink where I was attempting to wash dishes.  Also said after taking Gatorade bottles out of grandma’s mini fridge, setting them up like bowling pins and knocking them down–you don’t want to know how that one ended yesterday when my mom was watching Yago…Yes, somehow Yago managed to knock open one of the bottles)

“sorry mom” (if he slams a door too hard or if he does something he knows he shouldn’t have)

“careful mom” (the first time he said this was when he was about to fall out of a chair)

“car_home_Wii” (anytime we are anywhere and his video game addiction kicks in, he lets us know that he wants to go to the car so that we can go home and play Wii.  He has only said this two or three times tops.  And, several days ago, the Wii was packed up indefinitely! I feel like the mother of a teenager: Once Yago can show me that he can play responsibly we will consider bringing it back.)

These are all the Yagoisms I can think of at 5 in the morning when I should be in bed.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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