Big Little Brother

It is still pretty amazing to me that I have two boys.  My life is perfect (except for the fact that I’m not ready to go back to work and the clock is ticking…) Yago LOVES his little brother.  I was expecting jealousy, but I can see the beautiful brotherly bond already–The way Daryoosh lights up when Yago starts talking to him, the overprotecting nature anytime one of the animals approaches Daryoosh. And a few times I swear that Daryoosh has tried to communicate back to Yago.  Even now at 8 weeks old I’m just amazed at the interaction.

I had heard horror stories of jealousy by firstborns.  A friend of the family has three boys, the oldest of whom is about 4 years younger than I am.  Several months after the second son was born, the mother noticed that the baby would start blinking rapidly every time the firstborn would walk into the room.  Their mother found this odd.  One day she happened to be in the other room and peeked in to watch the two sons interact.  She saw that the older was poking the younger in the eyes!  (hence the blinking!).  The mother of the boys also had other stories to tell and shared them with me before Daryoosh was born, so I was expecting the worst!

And what did I end up with? A great big brother!  Yago is gentle with his brother.  Every once in a while he shows a hint of “she was my mother first” when I’m breastfeeding.  He’ll sit next to me, point to the free breast and exclaim, “Yago’s,” and point to the occupied one and say “Daryoosh’s.”  This concept started in the hospital when Yago first saw me breastfeeding Daryoosh.  I was expecting Yago to want to go back to breastfeeding (he had been weened 5 months prior) and I was relieved that he never asked for it.  When he saw me holding the baby and feeding him, though, he insisted on sitting in my lap/beside me on the bed.  He looked at me and said very matter-of-factly, “Mameh, share.”  [mameh means breast] Everyone got a kick out of it.  We weren’t sure if he meant that they were his and he would share them with his brother, or if he insisted that his brother share with him…either way it was hilarious!

Big brother Yago is a great big brother already, but he’s in for a big surprise once his little brother gets a bit older.  Did I mention that his little brother is already 13 pounds?  He’s a big little brother and he’ll soon be terrorizing little big brother Yago.  Here’s a preview of what Yago has in store!

Little brother Daryoosh is already at it!

Little brother Daryoosh is already at it!


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  1. This is a GORGEOUS picture. Gorgeous. Amazing. Those boys. Wow.

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