not counting chickens yet…

…but Daryoosh took 3 ounces of milk from the bottle tonight.

The third nipple we have tried appears to be a success.  It’s one that we had BRIEF success with Yago as well.  The short flat nipple of the playtex drop-in appears to be one that D doesn’t mind.  I even paid 30 bucks for a haberman kit.  He didn’t like the haberman.  I think he likes to suck and that one just made him gag. Luckily, I have a friend using the haberman so I can pass it along to her.

This makes me so happy.  With Yago, he would take the bottle until 9 weeks and then had nothing to do with it EVER again.  The pros were that he started drinking from a straw at 6 months and I never had to ween him from the bottle.  (but even when drinking from a straw or cup, he STILL refused breastmilk unless it was straight from the source.) He would only drink water from a cup or SUPER diluted juice–but that came much later.

So, Yay!  I’m going to celebrate with some hot chocolate and we will give D one bottle a day to make sure he keeps up the good work.  Our next good habit of the year!  🙂

Do you know what this means?  This means that life will be a lot easier.  This also means that I will need to get onto a regular pumping schedule.  And I have to think about freezing.

STOP.  SLOW DOWN.  I’m not going to think about those things yet today.  Instead, I will just celebrate the first bottle!


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