The anxiety all over again.

I LOVE having a newborn!  I had forgotten how cuddly little babies can be.  Falling asleep on my chest, the baby squeaks, the baby grunts, and the joy of that first on-purpose smile…I am loving every minute of it!

But, a newborn also means that again I have to face the articles, the arguments, the research, and the lack there of…

the V word. Vaccines.  There. I said it.

What do I really think? I don’t know what I really think.  I will vaccinate according to the recommended schedule and hope for the best.  Yago hasn’t had a problem so far and hopefully Daryoosh will follow suit.

I read quite a bit about vaccinations and autism while I was pregnant with Yago.  At first I worried but then decided that I wouldn’t worry until someone gave me something to worry about.  In my reading, I was struck by a couple of stories.  One woman with identical twin sons followed the same exact vaccination schedule for her boys.  One ended up autistic, and the other not.  In another story I read, a woman talked about her battle with her firstborn’s autism.  When her second son was born, she was convinced that the vaccinations were the cause of her son’s autism so she did not vaccinate her second son.  Guess what, he was also later diagnosed with autism.

Here I am again.  One week before D’s first set of vaccinations.  Here’s hoping for the best.  What are your thoughts on Vaccines and their links to Autism? What about TV?  Can that be a trigger?

How about alternatives to vaccinations?  Are chicken pox parties really a better option?

Hopefully one day we’ll know more about the causes or triggers of autism, but in the meantime, I hope that we can dedicate more resources and pay more attention to the autistic children who are already here.



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4 responses to “The anxiety all over again.

  1. I did a delayed schedule with Maggie mostly due to her thyroid situation. I wanted to know specifically what was causing any issues. I have done Nicholas closer to the regular schedule with a few exceptions. I do try to space them out a bit more and not lump so many at once. This way I know that they have both had reactions to the Dtap… and yet I am forced to keep giving them, because the reaction wasn’t “severe” enough. I would have skipped some altogether if given the choice. Not only due to any possible autism links, but also encephalitis and vacinne reactions that are far worse than side effects of the diseases themselves. But I also believe in chiropractic care for babies and homeopathic medicines, so I see things more holistically.

  2. Well you know I’m a fan. I know it’s scary but when everything else fails I have to believe the science. There is no tangible link between autism and vaccines. I might be making a mistake but I’m making the most educated one I can.

    Autism is better than death at the hands of a curable disease.

  3. shabjoon

    I know it didn’t seem like it now that I’m rereading the post, but I’d much rather vaccinate than risk the alternative. I had the realization all over again that I have to put shots in my little baby and it was a flashback to Yago’s infancy. With me there was never a question on whether or not I would. Just the worry about is this the right thing in the long run…

  4. shabjoon

    I can definitely respect that. I know others as well on the delayed/spread out schedule. We inform ourselves and make the best decisions we can with the information we have. The one thing we all have in common is that we don’t do something just because that’s the way it’s done, or because someone else says so.

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