Resolution #2 Don’t yell at the dog (read: try not to)

The other day Baci started barking at one of the cats (as dogs often do). Then we heared Yago (at the top of his lungs):

Time to stop yelling at the dog.

The kid is watching every step (and misstep). Just the other day I saw him trying to open something with his teeth! (oops).

Luckily, he’s learning good habits from us too. He’s learning to spit out the toothpaste, he loves to help me put wet clothes into the dryer, put away the dishes. More and more he’s saying please or thank you without prodding. And every once-in-a-while, when we least expect it he’ll shout out “I LOVE you!”

Here’s to 27 more days without yelling at the dog and the road to other fine habits for the new year.



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5 responses to “Resolution #2 Don’t yell at the dog (read: try not to)

  1. My husband licks knives. Like when he makes the kids a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, he likes the peanut butter off the knife. That’s not an easy one to explain… “but daddy does it…”
    I, of course, am perfect.

  2. shabjoon

    Santi dips his sandwich (and everything else, for that matter) into his milk. Yago has begun to do this as well sometimes. We’ll see if he’s ever invited back to a friend’s house after breakfast… 😉

  3. Amy

    Or as Carson says to the dog (ever so charmingly), “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!”

  4. It only takes once…

    Grant stands casually at the baking center sorting mail. Michael and Sandra are playing with the Superman car. She shakes it and puts it on the floor. It zooms off towards the baking center. Grant’s left foot gracefully points towards second position stopping the car from entering the No Man’s Land under the baking center. Michael runs over. Michael kicks the car happily. Sandra yells “You did this! Fix it!” Michael happily kicks the car again.

  5. Yes, well just remember you aren’t the one who can include the “F” word in her short list of words she’s heard her toddler say. So sad. We have GOT to start watching our language.

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