No more *$$

One of my resolutions this year was to limit myself to 1 (or fewer) Starbucks trip per week.  Since I usually drive Yago to kick off his nap, this means that potentially I could have 7 or more (yes, I have been known to go more than once in a day!) trips per week. [I even had $20 in free drinks thanks to Costco!]

But this is the season for change.   Change that will save both money and my waistline.

Today I made my own decaf chai latte (decaf chai tea, homemade hot water, honey, and a splash of whole milk) before taking Yago for a quick drive.  He was asleep in no time and I had my tea sans a trip to the drive through.  YES. Only 27 more days and it will become a habit!

Hmm…now I just have to find some passion tea and yummy lemonade for my other favorite *$$ drink…


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