Back from Iran so far away…

I have to find the YouTube link to SNL’s ‘Iran so far away’ music video and post it here so check back again later if you haven’t already seen it!  OK it’s not on YouTube any longer but here it is on

Iran so far

Most of you (let’s be honest here– the two or three of you who read this), know that my mom and sister spent the holidays in Iran. They arrived back safely Sunday night (with yummy pestachios in tow!).

As for the state of the government, it appears that there is much more tolerance for Christianity and Western tradition. Per my mom, every store had a little Christmas tree in the window! I wish that tolerance would extend to the members of the baha’i faith as well. There are so many individuals who may never be able to go back to visit their homeland because of this intolerance.

Oh, and apparently the economic crisis in the US is even worse than we all thought. Upon leaving Iran, all American residents (even those toting an Iranian passport) are required to pay an exit fee to leave the country. As my mom and sister went to pay their fees, they were told that due to the economic downturn in the U.S., the Iranian government is no longer collecting those fees from Americans or American residents. What?! Seriously?!

Let’s all sing together:
…and Iran, Iran so far away
is your home, but in my heart you’ll stay…


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