Along for the ride

I’ve been “wearing” Daryoosh as often as possible.  First to the mall, then to a friend’s son’s baptism, and even around the house when I need free hands and don’t feel like leaving him with the babysitter, uh, I mean the swing.

If anyone’s in the market to try a sling here’s a contest to win a free one from Along for the Ride!

Along for the Ride


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  1. We loved our sling and baby bjorn. The sling came from a small store in Centenniel Hospital where we got other breastfeeding supplies. Our baby bjorn was the one with lumbar support which saved us with our big babies. I recall my “baby” begging to be carried in it at the Atlanta aquarium when she was around 2 I think. She got a short ride, but it nearly killed me. There are two cute pics, one of Megan in the “baby yorn” and one of Megan in the “baby yorn” and Michael on my shoulders totem-pole style, at

    These things are great. Just wait til Yago wants back in!

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